Innovative Ways to View Your Money.


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Mira Megs Lathrop


I call myself the Finanseer.

I’m a former Financial Advisor turned facilitator for healing and empowerment, and speaker and host for emergent ideas. I believe we can become in alignment with our highest selves and serve as co-creators of a new economy and stewards of our home Planet Earth, together.

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I see a disconnect.

We are all part of a global market economy. This allows us—or many of us—great freedoms: to eat what we want, go where we want, make money how we want.

But the flip side is that we’re not taking responsibility for the way our money flows in this economy: the parts of the system that it’s fueling, supporting, reinforcing. It has resulted in some of our biggest wounds: sex trafficking, extreme wealth inequality, global warming, exploitation and abuse: of people and of the planet.


We think there’s nothing we can do about our crises of humanity or climate, or that our individual contributions won’t make a difference. But this behavior is leaving the world on its current path of toxicity. We’re not owning our power: and it shows.

We are at a moment in history when can recognize the darkness and choose a new story. We are at a choice point. What will we choose?


It’s easier than you think to act.

You might say:

My money doesn’t matter.

I don’t know what to do. My skill set isn’t related.

There’s billions on fossil fuels, how can I possibly make a difference?

Guess what: this is what the system wants you to think! Every. single. person. matters. And every action counts. Once you say yes to writing a new story, the support and resources you need will come.


It’s in Service of Self.

Socially-driven investments and choices around use of personal capital may sound like a sacrifice—but in reality, we can create even more abundant returns and regenerative outcomes when in service of the planet and our humanity.

The future will be in the hands of those who understand this paradigm shift.


It begins now.

Through connection and atunement, profound change begins now.

We have access to everything we need: it’s about tuning in to your highest path, and to the planet’s calling. We can bring consciousness to our capital in ways that transform society as we know it.