Innovative Ways to View Your Money.

is the doorway to abundance.

Mira Megs Lathrop


They call me the Finanseer.

I am a former Financial Advisor turned facilitator for healing and empowerment, and speaker and host for emerging ideas and ways of being with money and each other. I believe we can become in alignment with our highest selves and serve as co-creators of a new economy and stewards of our home Planet Earth, together.


I am a host of conversations around new systems, the emergent economy, the sacred human.


 I am a speaker and facilitator.

I host dynamic dialogue and offer Ted-style talks on our relationship with money, the future, and the new emergent economy.


“Megan is more than a money coach, she is a financial healer.

She helped me open my eyes to see the great abundance that I was sitting on all along.”

—Joshua Seaver

Assistant Professor of Game Art, University of Wisconsin-Stout


Emerging soon:



ou Are Your Own Guru — a book about arriving gracefully at the next level in your financial life.

Quantum Leaps: An accelerated and upward spiraling pathway to appreciated assets, uplifted state of mind, and increased overall well-being.


 Recent clients include: