“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

Hopi Prophesy

I host dynamic dialogues and offer TED-style talks on innovative and emergent ideas. I ignite groups and audiences over what is possible, together.

You can hire me for:


Hosting and Interviews

I host dynamic dialogues around "connection as the doorway to abundance." Connection with ourselves, each other, all of humanity, nature, and our home, this planet.

I believe when we come together and open to higher wisdom, with facilitation, the pathways of what is possible, and what we are to do and be next, can emerge.

I enjoy interviewing conscious investors, banks and financial organizations, serving as a bridge to support their presence to become known by the masses, and to help articulate their intentions and desired impact to their audiences. We are entering a whole new paradigm with a new system coming online, and through conversations we can all come to find our role and aligned ways to contribute and take part.

Corporate, Community and Private Workshops & Activations

I lead in-person group activations, helping individuals to tune in to your own inner navigation in relating to money, power, and abundance, as well as practical skill-building to feel confident around your daily money flow. Sessions are designed to be interactive and playful; and to offer tools for transformation from the inside out. Read on for example topics.


Upcoming Events:

Achieving your Financial Goals | Capital One

Listen in with Wyclef Jean | Capital One


“For anyone seeking personal, professional, money coaching or really any kind of guidance in up-leveling your consciousness, Megan is your guide.”

—Sydney Campos

Visionary Healer | Energy Expert | Author of "The Empath Experience" | Visionary Souls Podcast | Retreat Facilitator


In-person events are the only way to truly synthesize and heal. I lead regular workshops in NYC and give talks nationwide on creating new relationships to money and abundance.


Women Power our Planet

WPOP is deploying capital to support a women-led, just and sustainable habitat.

Alignment Circles

The Alignment Circle is an emergent organization to align investors and philanthropists with their own truth so that what flows through them naturally brings the world into alignment.

It’s the Tao of Capital.


"Mira was a dream to work with. We hope to continue learning from her in the future."

—Marni Blank, Esq.

Owner/Operations at Blank Studio NYC

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