Innovative Ways to View Your Money.

Speaker and host.

I host dynamic dialogues and offer TED-style talks on innovative and emergent ideas.

Through the Alignment Circle, I facilitate collective and transformational processes around money. I ignite groups and audiences over what is possible, together.



You can hire me for:


hosting and giving interviews


corporate workshops and activations

Workshops & Activations

Quantum Money Workshops

I lead in-person group activations, helping individuals to tune in to your own inner navigation in relating to money, power, and abundance, as well as practical skill-building to feel confident around your daily money flow. Sessions are designed to be interactive and playful; and to offer tools for transformation from the inside out.

These workshops are typically two hours, and can be delivered in any city in the country.  Three core offerings are below (note: I can also create one tailored to your interests and audience). 

A few of my core offerings are below.

Finding Your North Star

How to find and connect to your North Star (in life), and then how to aim/get there

Objective: To determine your general theme/purpose/path, what you are here to accomplish and contribute to, and find ways, opportunities to align your life and your finances to support your journey.

Takeaway: Participants come away with inspiration, clarity, and confidence for next steps in their life, in alignment with their North Star. They also have begun using and becoming familiar with their internal GPS (internal guidance system) to support their financial decision-making. Key distinctions: The difference between financial decisions, choices, and what is emerging. Clear, committed action steps acknowledged and written down.

Time: 90 minutes.


Money and Archetypes

What we can learn from Jungian archetypes

A playful look at the 8 archetypes, based off of Jungian Psychology, of how we relate to money.

This conversation allows us to see and hear the different voices and archetypes that are in our head, and often times running the show, around how we are relating to money. § Takeaway: Participants will have fun, laugh, and be able to notice this aspect in themselves and others. Greater compassion and clear ideas and actions to step forward with empowerment and clarity.

Time: 90 mins.


Money Talk

Or: How to Talk About Money (With your Honey). Taking the taboo out of money and learning how normal the challenges about talking about it are, for each of us.

Objective: Taking the taboo out of money. To create a space for participants to move from anxiety / avoidance / discomfort around talking about money–with family, friends, partners, colleagues–to a place of confidence, skill, and positive anticipation.

Time: 90 minutes.

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Hosting & Interviews

I’ve worked with a wide variety of outlets and interviewed influencers and celebrities, from finance to music to spirituality.


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